Titanium Water Bottle


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Everyone needs a single walled steel bottle that they can boil water in over a camp fire.

This one fits the bill perfectly, except it’s titanium, not steel. (Just remember to let the bottle cool before grabbing it, or use some thick leather gloves.)

Notice that the seal is on the lid, not the bottle, so you won’t need to worry about melting it.

Plus since it is titanium, it’s way lighter than stainless steel. So all you’ll notice is the weight of the water, not the bottle.

A note from the manufacturer about titanium:

“you no longer have to worry about leaching chemicals or harmful side effects. Titanium does not react to human fluids, so over time it will remain 100% safe.”

That’s an added bonus, I guess.

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Capacity: 22oz (650ml)

Weight: 3.9oz (111 grams)

Diameter: 2.8 Inches (70 mm)

Height: 8.6 Inches (220 mm)

Features: Matte finish, Biocompatible, Titanium lid, Silicone O-ring, ultralight, solid top-grade corrosion-resistant titanium construction.

Dishwasher safe, BPS & BPA free

Brand: Vargo

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Weight 4.6 lbs


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